Buzzpad 2.0 (Beta)

January 4th, 2006 by jeremychone

I am sometimes among those who use too many buzzwords, and consequently get some grief about it. However, I think I have a valid excuse. A few months ago, realizing that there was no way to escape buzzwords in this industry, I built myself the following "Buzzpad". It is growing on me, probably a little too much.

Buzzpad 2.0b

To pre-order the Buzzpad 2.0 (BETA), just digg-it.

Buzzpad 2.0 (BETA)

  • USB 2.0: For high-speed buzzwords transfer.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac: For cross-platform buzzing.
  • 2.0 Lock: Automatically adds the "2.0" to any appropriate technology words (e.g. Web 2.0, Identity 2.0, Internet 2.0).


Once I get funding, I am planning to work on Buzzpad 2.0.1 (BETA), which will have the following:

  • Microsoft Office "Smart" tag integration: Will vibrate when a buzzword could be added.
  • Blog Integration: With an "OFF" button to prevent users from entering a buzzword when commenting or blogging.
  • Bluetooth: To extend the Buzzpad to mobile phones and other mobile devices (for pervasive buzzing).

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16 Responses to “Buzzpad 2.0 (Beta)”

  1. Jean Sini Says:

    Actually, how about a “remind me” enhancement for your blog integration feature? When activated, it sends increasingly intense electric discharges any time you inadvertently type one of the buzzwords, thus quickly training you to stay clear of the hype.

  2. Jeremy Chone Says:

    Good one. Might not be appropriate for every countries, but we will think about it when we have our international distribution channel in place.

    Nothing beats early user feedback, so please, speak up.

  3. Bharath Says:

    Good one Jeremy – nice blog by the way. We should chat about Web 2.0 more often – nice to see a fellow enthusiast for the next hyped-up thing :-)

  4. Jeremy Chone Says:

    Another good requirement from a Digger

    • 1 USB Port Replicator: To avoid wasting a USB Port when not buzzing.
  5. Francois Says:

    Well designed!

    Some other ideas of keys to add:
    -Pod (very useful in combination with any other word or letter)
    -Tail (long or short…)

    BTW, is it compatible with the new Mac powered by Intel chips?

  6. torisan Says:

    Good One! 13 keys seem to be a bit few, though. Looking forward to the Alpha with traditional Chinese keys.

  7. Damir Tomicic, Microsoft Regional Director Says:

    [...] 17 February 2006 [Gadget] Buzzpad 2.0 (Beta) Buzzpad 2.0 (BETA) USB 2.0: For high-speed buzzwords transfer. Windows, Linux, Mac: Forcross-platform buzzing. 2.0 Lock: Automatically adds the “2.0” to any appropriate technology words (e.g. Web 2.0, Identity 2.0, Internet 2.0). via Kay [1] Gadgets Damir Tomicic Axinom posted on 14:40:45 GMT Standard Time         Comments [0] Related Posts:[Gadget] World’s First 39 Megapixel Digital Camera[Blog] Bunch of Yindies on Digital Lifestyle Day 06 in Munich![Games] Deedee – Xbox Blogger of the Year [Gadget] Z800 3DVisor by eMagin Coporation [Gadget] LG PM80- Pocket PC with a TV tuner[VirtualEarth] Virtual Places – the mapping framework on top of the Atlas framework [...]

  8. blog : Buzzpad 2.0 Says:

    [...] I want one of these: Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:31 AM by admin Filed under: Web 2.0 [...]

  9. Linda Says:

    You could make one for instant messenger lingo, LOL, LMAO, etc.

  10. pinoy channel Says:

    this stuff seems great. when will the beta version be final version? tnx

  11. Chad Says:

    LOL! I am one of the worlds worst about putting buzzwords in a blog post, I really like the idea of adding them to texting for mobile devices. Dude you could totally corner the market on this item. Great idea!

  12. Pacman Addict Says:

    Did you know that The Greeks had their buzzwords long before anybody even imagined an internet.

  13. Delellis Says:

    Well , I must say this is a clever little device , it’s convenient and a possible time saver. I hope you device catches on because I can see a lot of possibilities with this little wonder.

    As they say ” Time is money ” and the more you save time by streamlining your work the more money you save.

  14. Sharon Says:

    yeah, the next thing thing would be to create the short cuts for all of these. what about wysisyg, or plug in, or do follow to add to the list…:)

  15. Buzz Says:

    Well, it’s a grat new small device, but we should add some others buzzwords, but i’m really bead to put some buzzwords in my articles, but i think that they can bring you some huge trafic, no ?

  16. Jeremy Chone Says:

    @Nancy Photoshop :)