iPhone 3g, 1 out of 3

June 12th, 2008 by jeremychone

BitsAndBuzz.com would not be much of a technology blog if it didn’t blog about the new iPhone.

As have many others, I’ve been relatively impressed by the innovation and popularity of the iPhone. I think Apple CEO Steve Jobs has a unique ability to gauge when and how a specific industry is ready to change (the Apple way). Though he somewhat missed the first PC market, he definitely didn’t miss the Internet music one, and now he is right on track to owning a big part of the next generation mobile market. The latest iPhone 3G phenomenon (product and buzz) is definitely a great example of Steve Job’s pioneering vision, and while most of the features of the iPhone were more or less expected, the total package, including the pricing and the developer platform strategy, is pretty darn impressive.

However, as a business user, I am mostly interested in three main following features, and so far, I can safely see only one out of these three.

Concerning the first feature, Microsoft Exchange synchronization, the latest iPhone 3G seems to have the full package, meaning e-mail, calendar, and contact push synchronization. I am still skeptical about this last one, since to my knowledge, Microsoft still has not published the full MAPI or ActiveSync protocol. However, I am going to take Apple’s word on it.

The second feature, the 3G modem, is one of the features I have been using a lot lately on my Treo750, and I would not conceive of buying a mobile device without this feature. The 3G modem with ATTW actually works remarkably well and is extremely useful for avoiding hotel surcharges, slow Wi-Fi connections, and hunting for unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. I can’t live without it, and for now, it is not clear that the new iPhone will have it.

The last one, unfortunately, is a given, or, rather, an “un-given.” The new iPhones will still be “officially” available only as network-locked devices. I still don’t understand how carriers and device manufacturers can get away with these kinds of practices. I completely understand giving a big discount as part of a subscription package, but I don’t understand how a corporation can lock an Internet device to a specific network. It seems so counter to what the Internet is all about. It would be comparable to buying a PC that could only connect to the Internet via Comcast (Microsoft and Comcast could never get away with that). Anyway, I just hope that one day Apple or Google will use their market weight to force the wireless networks to fully embrace the open devices. Unfortunately, Apple does not seem to be headed that way (see iPhone 3G Requires 2 Year Contract, In Store Activation)

At this time, the deciding factor for me will be the 3G modem. If the new iPhone has it, I might just take the plunge.


12 Responses to “iPhone 3g, 1 out of 3”

  1. Charlie Says:

    To that I would add, Flash support and Bluetooth Stereo. No on both of those.

  2. Jeff W Says:

    Flash support would definitely be nice, too many sites use it and you’re pretty much stalled without it.

  3. Tyrone Givins Says:

    Yeah, flash is very important but Microsoft is trying hard with their Silverlight to compete. The vast majority of websites out there still use Flash, though.

  4. Free iPhone Giveaway Says:

    @iPhone Nova – I am not entirely sure the iPhones built-in GPS receiver is powerful enough to enable a true Turn-by-Turn navigation application to function as efficiently as a purpose built GPS unit such as a TomTom.

    I heard there was an application currently set for release in the US that claimed to have Turn-by-Turn functionality, but whether or not it will do the job successfully is yet to be seen.

  5. Charan Says:

    Hey Jeremy – Love your iPhone 3G scorecard. That’s the bare basics I need in a all-in-one communications device.

  6. Dora Says:

    The 3G modem has been working fine for my Asus EEE PC. Highly recommended if you would ask me.

  7. freemobile Says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  8. ZigBee Says:

    I think tethering computer through USB to iPhone to access Internet is much easier. Normally, Windows or Mac system will automatically recognize the tethered iPhone, and create require network connection to take advantage of the shared Internet access via iPhone.

  9. arthritistreatment_techguy Says:

    Iphone 3G is so packed of features and it really looks cool too. I own one iPhone 3G and i am planning to buy another one for my girlfriend.

  10. Acne88 Says:

    iPhone 3G is best phone ever released. it has great styling and has nice cool features that is why i like it so much.

  11. Sherrilyn Says:

    I got an iPhone 3G as a gift from my best friend. This phone is the best phone that i ever had, great style and great features. I luv my iPhone 3G.

  12. Jaime Says:

    iPhone 3G is simply the best phone that i have owned. It is very stylish and its nice features. I also own an N97 but i like the iphone.